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Paratronix™ H1092 Parylene Conformal Coating System

The Paratronix™ H1092 Parylene Conformal Coating System is designed for low cost, tumble coating processes of parts that require complete coating coverage. Some examples include ferrites, magnets, RFID Tags, O-rings and ceramics, to name a few. Services required are electrical power and ventilation supplied to the vacuum pump.


Included with System

• Solid State Cold Trap Chiller Assembly (no LN2 required)
• Pressure and Temperature Controls
• Vacuum Pump
• 25 Fixture Screens
• 11 inch diameter X 22 inch long Coating Drum (9 inch diameter is available upon request)

UL508A, NFPA79, CE, & NFPA30 Compliant
Allow approximately 12 feet x 10 feet floor space

Purchase price of the machine includes a two-day training program (at Paratronix’s division site) for up to 3 operators. The training program includes all aspects of installation, machine operation, and preventive maintenance. Onsite training is available upon request for an additional cost.

Minimum Space Requirements

Coater Size: 8 feet long x 30 inch wide x 6 feet high

Generator Section
Vaporizer: dimer capacity - 525 grams
Pyrolysis: Tube: 3 inch x 42 inch long (quartz glass)
Furnace: 18 inch long, with temperature control

Coating Section
Chamber: 18 inch diameter x 28 inch high (Other sizes available upon request)
Coating fixture: 15 inch diameter x 26.5 inch high

Pumping Section
Cold Trap: Mechanical cascade refrigeration to -90 degrees C with stainless steel insert for easy cleaning.
Pump: Vacuum, mechanical, 2 stage, 21 CFM, 1.5 HP

Temperature: separate and redundant automatic temperature controllers with thermocouples.
Vacuum: Automatic vacuum sensor with thermocouples and low vacuum alarm

Electrical Requirements
USA: 120/208 volt, 3 phase wye, 30 amp, 60 Hz.
Europe: 220/380 volt, 3 phase wye, 25 amp, 50Hz.

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