LEDs are now everywhere and need to perform within a broad range of industries including medical, aerospace, military, marine, and automotive. Parylene provides the best protection from moisture, UV, chemicals, high temperatures, and salt water. It also is extremely thin, transparent, and provides a complete pinhole-free coverage. Plus, Parylene adds little mass to the substrate.

Our Parylene coating service is ISO 9001 compliant. Our Parylene material is USP Class VI, IPC 830, MIL 46058C, UL, and REACH/RoHS certified.

Common Applications:

Marine Applications
Highway Displays
Medical Lighting
Household Appliances
Automotive Lighting
Aviation Lighting
Video Displays
Outside Displays


Low Coefficient of Friction
Superior Chemical, Gas, & Moisture Resistance
Pinhole-Free Coverage
Truly Conformal (even sharp edges)
Thermal Stability
Able to Maintain Thin and Tight Tolerances
Particle Lockdown