Parylene has been used for over 40 years protecting defense and aerospace devices from failure from the harshest environments in sea, land, air, and beyond.

The unique vacuum deposition process of Parylene provides optimum protection superior to any urethane, silicone, and acrylic conformal coatings. With the ability to provide pinhole-free coverage, the devices are protected from sand, salt water, mold, and dust. It also performs in cryogenic conditions of outer space and temperatures of 125°C without any thermal or mechanical stress. Parylene is also used to prevent dendrite growth.

Paratronix® has been trusted since 1981 by all major military and aerospace contractors to apply our Parylene coating to their mission critical devices. Our team is always developing new advanced technologies for masking complex devices.

Common Applications:

Electronic Circuit Boards
Electrical Motors
Key Pads
Munition Systems
Sea, Land, Air, & Aerospace Equipment
Unmanned Systems
Portable Devices
Gyro Systems
Radar Systems
Navigation Systems
Wearable Devices
Smart Technology Systems


Low Coefficient of Friction
Superior Chemical & Moisture Resistance
High Dielectric
Pinhole-Free Coverage
Truly Conformal (even sharp edges)
Thermal Stability
Able to Maintain Thin and Tight Tolerances
Particle Lock

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