Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.®, a U.S. corporation and division of Nippon Kayaku Ltd. since 2008, develops and manufactures specialty chemicals for MEMS, Microelectronics, Specialty Displays, IC Packaging, Optoelectronics and other dynamic technology markets. It is formerly known as MicroChem Corp, a globally recognized company for its high quality photoresist and ancillary products, broad market experience, interdisciplinary knowledge, and applications expertise.

It also manufactures it’s PriElex® brand of functional printed electronic inks with fillers such as silver and carbon, UV curable dielectrics, conductive coatings and epoxies. Kayaku Advanced Materials is a preferred resource for companies that seek a committed, creative partner — from development through production — to help them meet the rapidly advancing demands of their technology markets.

From early-stage technology startups working with disruptive technologies to the research laboratories of universities and Fortune 50 companies around the globe — Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.® engages with innovators and early adopters in emerging technology spaces. Often in close concert with the research and engineering professionals in our client organizations, we develop and adapt new and enabling materials to meet emerging as well as niche market needs — frequently establishing early mover advantage for our customers in their markets.

Based in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA, Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.® headquarter’s includes research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and corporate offices. The Kayaku Advanced Materials distribution network spans the globe, including representatives or distributors in Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

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