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Optional Equipment

Paratronix™ V494 Parylene Coating System

Additional Chamber Options

Standard Sizes:
14 inch x 18 inch
18 inch x 18 inch
18 inch x 28 inch
20 inch x 28 inch

Other chamber sizes are available upon request.

Vapor Phase Adhesion Promotion System

Paratronix™ Vapor Phase Adhesion Promotion System is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to a liquid bath process. The Vapor Phase Adhesion Promotion process eliminates the need for large volumes of DIH20, IPA, and A-174NT Silane. This alternative method of priming requires only 4ml of A-174NT Silane (no DIH20 & NO IPA). The priming process takes approximately 2-3 hours. Once the priming process is complete the Parylene coating process can begin immediately after.

Paratronix™ Vapor Phase Adhesion Promotion System includes:
• Control box with operating control and over temperature control, with alarm and manual reset
• Silane Reservoir
• Silane heating unit designed to attach to coating chamber
• Modifications made to chamber to fasten heating unit to chamber at the Silane port

Pyrolysis Burn-out Furnace

The Paratronix™ Burn-out Furnace solves the problem of cleaning quartz glass Pyrolysis tubes used in Parylene coating equipment. With repeated use, the tubes develop a heavy film buildup of Parylene, thus reducing the coater’s efficiency. To eliminate the buildup, the tube is placed in the burn-out tube furnace for approximately 3-4 hours at a controlled elevated temperature. Following this, the carbonaceous residue is removed with a bore brush.

• Higher pyrolysis tube efficiency
• Extended tube life
• In-house tube cleaning results in lower cost, less down-time

• Height: 30 inches
• Length: 60 inches
• Depth: 10 inches
• Work area required: 2 feet x 7 feet with exhaust hood required
• Voltage: 208/240 V ac 60 Hz 3ph or 220/380 V ac 50 Hz 3ph
• Watts: 9 kW
• Weight: 95 pounds
• Controls: Indicating temperature controls, adjustable timer and ON/OFF switch

Paratronix™ also offers the service to clean pyrolysis tubes.

Paratronix™ H1092 Parylene Coating System

Additional Coating Container Options
11 inch diameter x 24 inch length
8 inch diameter x 24 inch length

Pyrolysis Burn-out Furnace
See above

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